Monday, 13 August 2007

After Cleaning

You remember the pictures of Little Raven's room, the ones where you could draw on the dirt in the wall?

Well, my Mom and I washed all the walls in her room while she was away. We used hot water mixed with vinegar.

The results:

Hey, look at that!! A room that actually looks liveable!

Her room used to be two rooms, so the electrical set up in it is unique. For example, the light switch beside her door turns on the overhead light in half of her room. The light switch above her bed turns on the overhead light in the other half of her room. The wall to the left of her bed used to be the second door to the second room. You can see along the ceiling where the old wall was:

She is proud to say that she has Five Windows in her room, FIVE!! This is because it was once two rooms.

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