Monday, 25 February 2008

Kid's Rooms

The previous owner of the house pulled down the wall between the two kids rooms, and filled in one of the doors to the hallway. This left the house with two bedrooms upstairs and one on the mainfloor.

The main floor bedroom is our office / sewing room / hobby room etc. We aren't really ready for Little Raven to move down there yet.

So over the past few weeks, we've been re-doing the one upstairs room, including installing pocket doors between the two rooms, filling in all of the holes, painting, etc.

This wekend, we found the old doorway, and pulled the drywall off of it, finished sanding the wall on LR's side of the room, and cleaned all of LR's "things."

Here are the before shots:

And the after shots:

Right now LR's bed is on the side that will be the baby's, but we are working on her side right now so that she can be moved in soon, and it is easier to do that with that half empty!
She's choosen "under the sea" for her room, so we have under the sea wallpaper to put up, we've painted the room sea-blue, and we have a fish net to hang from the ceiling to store all the stuffed animals that she's-kind of-grown-out-of-but-not-really.
For the baby's half, we don't really have any firm decorating plans yet.


  1. We did projects before Pretty came in October too. Aren't they fun? Ha...yah right :)

  2. I can't really decide if it's better to be doing projects while I'm fairly useless, so hubby has to do them, or if I'd rather be involved a bit more...

    Normally, I'm much more involved in our reno projects!!

  3. I'm not sure that "Fairly useless is the right wording. You can still get me a beer and say encouraging words at the right times.



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