Monday, 7 April 2008

Living on an Island

Our property is a triangle, with a ditch running along the road, a creek (usually dry) running along one side, and then our driveway and the neighbours driveway on the other side. With all the snow melting this week, and all the rain that came with it. here's what the third side (The one that isn't supposed to have water) looked like when I got home the other night:

The water was right over the driveway, you can kind of see it on the far left side of the above picture. All the ditches were full, and the creek was full.

The first picture is our backyard. In the middle of all of the water, you can see our fire pit and picnic table.... they look a little soggy.
The water was overflowing out of the ditch, into the upped wooded area (bottom pic above), through this culvert:

And then flowing across the yard.

Here's another pic, taken from the second floor window:

Lots and Lots of water.

Luckily, when the house was built, the lot was raised. The backyard is at the natural grade, but the house and front yard were built up several feet. Even though we were surrounded by so much water, the basement stayed dry (this time at least... lol).

Normally, when I get home with Little Raven, she hops out of the van at the road, gets the mail, and walks to the house. This day "I think I'll just wait for you to climb back in the van!"

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