Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Late winter update...

Here we are in late February, and spring is just around the corner. Most of the winter we have been dormant, not doing much at all with boat stuff. Actually, that's not true at all, Iris has been dormant, and the blog has been dormant, but we have not.

Over the course of the winter we have become increasingly aware that our house no longer fits our needs. Living over an hour from work is just silly with what gas prices are right now, and having 2 small boys and a teen means lots of extra-curricular activities that are very difficult to make it to once the commute is factored in.

To that end we have decided to move to new cruising grounds in the spring. In the coming weeks our home will be put up for sale, and Iris will be relocated. In order to make that possible, I have been faced with a few challenges. First to make our house more saleable, then to find Iris a new home and get her there.

In order to get the house market-ready, we have had to complete a number of projects and initiate a few small ones. New flooring, paint, and trim had to be installed. the boat stuff had to be cleaned up and the basement swept clear of debris. A contractor is coming in to finish up some small tasks, and by next week the house should hit the market. Call quick if you want to get the jump on it - 1.1 acres in rural York Region with an expected sale price in the middle $360,000's.

As for Iris, she will become a Lake Ontario boat. I still have to finalize where she will be going but I have a meeting with Whitby Yacht club, and I am 99% sure that will be her new home. We just have to dot the I's and cross the T's and its all done. Whitby makes sense for us since its not in the thick of Toronto, but you can get there in a day. Plus we can travel further east or south for adventures. Plus Whitby had a very active racing fleet, which should make for some good times. Here's hoping it goes well there.

New adventures to follow...

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