Monday, 16 April 2012

The Mailman Cometh

You'll never guess what the mailman brought...

OK, so the box was banged up and broken open, and the packing slip and invoice were missing, but still... that's my new shift cable. You can see the difference between the two - the broken one is not new. the new one is not broken.

The new cable didn't come equipped with the right appendage to function as a shift cable. Apparently appendages are extra. No problem - I could just recycle the old one. One cotter pin and a hard pull and off comes the shifter attachment end thinggy. That's what its called in the parts manual. I swear.

Off with the old, and on with the new. The generic Evinrude cable is now a dedicated shift cable.

Being that I'll be in the cockpit when I try to shift, I needed to reattach everything to the remote control. Before I did that, I want to make sure everything was working well, and give it a little grease on the moving parts. Here are all the critical bits laid out on the futon.

From left to right: Plastic cover, Shifting components, Lever, Throttle components.

The first step to reassembly was lubing the throttle side. Here I have put some grease on the moving parts, and the cable is in position. The little steel pin above the assemble will hold the cable in place. The black circle in the lower left corner of the assembly holds the shift cable housing so it doesn't move when throttle is applied. Pic 2: The pin is in place, and the throttle side is ready for assembly. On to the shifter.

The shift mechanism is the same as the throttle for attachment of the cable, but I though I would flip it over for the photos so you can see the other side. I have lubed all the moving parts inside. In this shot you can see the black ferrule that will hold the cable housing. You can also see where it goes on the body.

And the cable is attached with the pin in place to hold it. This is actually a little finicky since the cables want to twist in the housing and that makes getting the pin in place difficult. Especially if your hands are a little greasy.

Now both halves of the shifter are ready to be assembled. The challenge here is that you have to match the throttle position to the shifter position. It took a few tries and some cuss words, but I got there eventually. The handle is attached but not bolted in place since it can be used to wiggle the shifter while assembling. This helps get things lined up. 2 views:

With the 2 halves together its time to put on the plastic cover that hides the cables. The screw wanted to cross its threads. It took some work to get it to play nice. With the cover on, the shift handle could be attached and the shifter tested. it all works!!

And finally, the shifter is installed back on the boat with the help of SWMBO and buddy who did a great job of holding things just right and picking up things I dropped.

Now I just have to finish all the jobs I started on the interior.

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