Thursday, 22 November 2012

Bye bye Washer, we'll miss you (but not much).

Last night when I got home from work, I put 2 new ball valves in the laundry room. As I worked (and tried not to burn the house down with the soldering torch), it occurred to me that the 50 square feet of laundry room are probably the most worked on space in the house so far. I mean 2 days of dryer venting, and now a night of washer hookup repair. Small spaces mean much work.

In any case, after only a little swearing and much fiddling, I managed to get the laundry hookups right and not leaking, and that meant I could turn on the water to the house again, which also meant Chuck could cook dinner and AP2 could take a shower. You'd think I would be called a hero, but that is not the way a Dad's life goes. Oh well. We don't do these things for glory.

Today I spent my lunch taking the washing machine to the appliance repair place in town where I was given the anticipated news that I was in the market for a new washer. To repair this one would cost over $300 in parts, and then another $200-$300 in labour. Apparently it had thrown a bearing and was no long sitting properly on its spindle. Or something.

I bought a 'newly refurbished' high efficiency/high capacity machine for $400, and will take delivery of it tomorrow. I am sure I could have gotten a used washer cheaper through local classifieds, but this one came with a one year warranty, and they will deliver and set up. That makes me happy. By this time tomorrow, everyone should have clean clothes again.

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