Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hitch yer Ponies...

So the relocation tow is drawing nearer...

Yesterday I stopped by Port Whitby and was told that if the boat was on their grounds by Saturday it could be launched first thing Monday morning. That is great news. First thing Monday is at 7:00 AM, so I will likely spend Sunday night aboard the boat. Between now and launch, there are still a number of outstanding chores to be done.

I need to seize and wrap the spreader tips, clean up the interior, hook up the gauges and rebed them, relocate all the boat stuff in the basement to the boat itself, and make sure the trailer (with its new tires) is up to the haulage job itself.

The trailer is the priority right now since without it, the boat isn't moving. The tires were installed about a week ago. The install went well, but the new tires are larger in diameter than the old ones were, so they rubbed on the fenders. Actually, they pushed the fenders up and got all ugly-like. I cut off half a fender on each side of the boat.

With the tires on and teh fenders off, I turned my attention to other things, and spent Sunday afternoon checking trailer lights. None of them worked, but I had a new kit, which I installed with much cussing. We now have brake and turn lights but for reasons unknown to me, no running lights. I'm OK with that. We won't be driving at night anyways.

I think the trailer is good to go. At least I hope it is. On to other projects.

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