Friday, 25 May 2012


It's time for a re-boot! Not like on a PC where you open and close windows and stuff like that, more like replacing the spreader boots. Spreader boots are caps that go over the ends of the spreaders to protect sails from the rough edges and wires and stuff at the ends of the spreaders. If you want to be all traditional you can make spreader boots out of soft leather and stitch them in place. If you want to be all modern you can buy plastic pre-formed boots and tape them in place. If you are low budget, then tennis balls sliced in half will do the trick.

I chose to be modern.

Before I got the camera out for the pics below, I cut off the old boots. This starts just after that with the old seizing wire, new seizing wire, new boots, and finally rigging tape. From here in, I'll let the pics do the talking... 


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