Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Advent Calendars

Buddy and Chuck each have an advent calendar that my Dad’s cousin made for them. We fill them every year from our Halloween candy.

Buddy has spent the entire month trying to figure out how to climb up and reach his. He will stand below it and yell “peaasssssssssssssssee……peasssssssssssss!!”

Although, he has figured out that we get a treat every night, after we read a Christmas story. When we’re done reading, we’ll ask him “do you think we should go find the number?” And his eyes light up and runs over to the calendar, and finds that day’s treat.


  1. I hear this one! Sweet Pea is like a tiny, adorable shark circling her advent calendar every night. She gets her 'chock-it' after dinner, and I swear it's the highlight of her evening.

    I get chocolately kisses after. It's awesome.

  2. We filled Buddy's calendar with three treats in each square... one for him, one for Mama, and one for Daddy!!


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