Friday, 11 December 2009

How Many....

Winter scarves does one girl need?

It snowed yesterday, so we got out the box of hats mitts & scarves.

And then I went through the box (there's no point in keeping one mitten, if you've lost it's match, right?)

And then I started thinking... we sure do own a lot of scarves..... hmmm......

So I sorted everything into piles... One for Chuck, one for Buddy, one for Daddy, and one for me.

And it seems, that every year, we think Chuck has lost her scarf. When in fact, by some miracle, she hasn't.

We have scarves that she owned all the way back in Kindergarten (She's in grade seven now), we have scarves that people gave her to keep her warm when we moved to Calgary for the winter when she was in grade one, we had knitted scarves, bought scarves, all different shapes & sizes. She had scarves that she didn't even realize were hers.

The child owned 12 (twelve!) scarves.

Last time I checked, she only had one neck.

We need to make a trip to the women's shelter up the road, to offload some of these scarves. She went through her pile, and choose three to keep. Which is fine... I can see getting one wet, and needing a spare. Or something. Odds are, the only one she'll wear all winter is the one from the Gap. That one was her favourite last year, and I'm betting it will be this year too.

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