Monday, 14 December 2009

In which I (Accidentally) Steal a Cane

At church last week, one of the ladies (Buddy's Godmother actually), said that she had a spare cane that Chuck could borrow if we needed it.

We'd already borrowed one, and so said we were fine.

And then realized, that she needs two crutches outside, but just a cane inside, but has no way of getting her cane to school, when she's already on the crutches.

So we asked if we could borrow hers after all.

It was in the car, and she went out to get it.


It's even a folding cane, so it will fit inside of a backpack or a purse, so very easy for Chuck to get it to school.

I handed it to Chuck, who was thrilled.

After church, we went over for coffee hour, and I dumped my purse, baby's bag, and papers on a table. Chuck added her script for the pageant next week, and her papers. And Buddy's Godfather put his cane down there as well.

After coffee, Chuck & Daddy went to youth group in another building. I stuck around and talked a bit more, and then went to get Buddy, all his stuff & all my stuff, and go home. So I scooped up my purse, the baby's bag, all Chuck's papers, all the while grumbling that she'd left them there and hadn't taken them with her, and wondering if she'd remember to go back for them or not (Incidentally, she did remember, and wondered where they were), and the cane.


I grabbed the cane.

Because Buddy's God Mother's cane that we borrowed, and Buddy's Godfather's cane that we accidentally borrowed, look very similar. Although I did wonder why Chuck had unfolded it, but then not used it.

When Chuck and Daddy got home from youth group, Chuck was using the new, accidentally borrowed, cane. And then she said "I thought that the cane we just borrowed was purple?"

and I looked at her like "huh?"

And Daddy said.... "Did you steal the cane??? you stole the cane!!! Everyone was running all over the place after Choir practice and Youth group trying to find the cane!!"


So, I made a quick call, to advise of the whereabouts of the cane... luckily, they own three extras, besides the two that are at our house. So there's no rush to return it, we can give it back when we see them next week....

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