Thursday, 15 March 2012

New & Commodore Approved!

A few weeks back I mentioned that Iris was relocating Lake Ontario, and that we were going to be playing at a new yacht Club.

We are one step closer. A cold wind was blowing off Lake Ontario, and waves crashing on the beach on Monday night when I parked at Whitby YC and let myself in the clubhouse. There was a meeting in the bar, and it looked like the Power squadron was discussing protocols, so I stood in the lobby, not sure where I was supposed to be going.

A handful of other sailors were in the lobby as well, and it quickly became clear that we were all waiting for an invitation to proceed upstairs to the executive meeting for our official welcome to the club. Most of the other sailors there had boats ranging from 30 to 35 feet, and most were retired couples. This made Iris and our crew a bit of an anomoly.

Eventually we were invited upstairs to the ballroom where the meeting was being held. Sail Georgina didn't have a ballroom. We had a tent in the fenced yard and that was where most of our social events took place. We also had a garden shed where our gear was stowed. Its a little different in a club with a Bar, and a ballroom (with another bar), and offices, and bathrooms with showers and changerooms. Maybe this will be nice.

The Commodore welcomed all the new members to the club and went round the table to give the executive a chance to introduce themselves. Then it was our turn. I introduced myself and mentioned that aboard Iris would be SWMBO, Chuck, Buddy, and Cuppa, and maybe Bernie the dog. The exec were shocked that that many people fit aboard a 25' boat.

We may be small on square feet, but we're big on love, we make it happen.

The exec made everyone feel welcome, reminded us of the value of service hours, explained how dues and slip assignment work and then we all headed home.

Looks like its official. Whitby will never be the same.

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