Friday, 16 March 2012

Truly a False Spring

We are having a very early Spring. the hockey playoff haven't even started and already folks are out in their shorts and shirt sleeves. We have Daffodils and Tulips pushing up in the yard. It feels like late April, and I have to keep reminding myself that this is only March.

But I've delved ahead anyway. I went and took the tarp off the boat, and strung a little 8' cover on the cockpit in its place. I've been out tinkering a few times already. I ordered parts.

Nothing says spring like ordering a box of boat parts and then waiting for their arrival. Its like you were saving up boxtops all winter and now the secret decoder ring will finally arrive. Soon. Canada Post does a good job of playing the suspense card and stringing things along until you think you just can't handle it anymore.

My parcel arrived today. In it there should be a new power panel to replace the one in the galley, and a life jacket for the dog, and some other odds and sods.

SWMBO says she picked it up already. She says the box is pretty small. I gotta head home and see whats in there!

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