Thursday, 18 October 2012

End of season 2012

The mast is down. Iris is ready for winter – more or less.

After work on Tuesday, I had SWMBO take me down to the marina, and then she left to drive Buddy to his gymnastics night. She left with the keys. Since I had no keys, all I could do was stuff on the outside of the boat. So I took off the mainsail. Then the boom. Then the power cord. With plenty of time left and not much else to strip off the boat ahead of launch day, I started to back off the rigging.

Other folks were nearby working on their boats, so I got a hand from a couple helpers, and by the time it was dark, the mast was off the boat. No crashes or bangs, no excitement. Just a nice, easy lowering, and then off to a set of sawhorses to wait for haul-out day.

I have noticed that most folks here remove their spreaders when they take their masts off. I often don’t. Maybe I’ll have to remove them just to fit in. Its not much of a task – just 2 cotter pins.

Cleaning out the interior will have to wait for another day. Everything is still in there. 

I was asked to move Iris to “the launch dock” as she will be among the first boats taken out of the water this weekend. Then I was asked to move her again so the dock can be re-positioned. Now she is sitting in the dock next to where the crane will be. This Saturday at 7:00 the club will start lifting boats. By Sunday the harbour will be empty.

Winter is coming soon.

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