Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The new Au Pair Cometh...

The new au pair (hereafter known as AP2) arrived without incident last week. Actually there was a sortof incident but not much of one.

When AP1 arrived, her wait at the baggage carousel and customs was about 3 hours. She had arrived on a direct flight from Paris - a big plane, with overweight luggage. All this caused her to be slow getting off the plane, and her bags to be among the last unloaded. Based on our experience with AP1, we figured there was no hurry to get to the airport early for AP2.

AP2 had 3 legs on her flight (France - Spain, Spain - Chicago, Chicago - Toronto). Since her last flight was on essentially a commuter jet with only 30 people on it, it was unloaded very quickly. She also had no lineup at customs, and cleared security without issue.

We timed our trip to the airport to arrive 30 minutes after AP2's plane had landed. You can see where this is going...

When we got to the airport, and checked the boards for AP2's flight, it wasn't showing. I wondered if we were at the wrong terminal or something. SWMBO and AP1 kept watch, holding AP2's welcome sign, and I went to the information booth to find out where AP2's plane had come in.

About the time I got back to SWMBO and AP1, AP2 walked across the terminal, and shyly asked if we were us. Apparently she had been waiting for about 15 minutes. Oops.

AP1 and AP2 shared duties and stories for a couple days, and then AP1 went back home to France. At least I think she did. We haven't heard from her since she left. That's a little disappointing, but I hope she's happy wherever she is. She was only landing in Paris yesterday, so I guess she could be just getting in touch any time now.

AP2 is very different from AP1, but is very comfortable to be around. I think she is still getting comfortable with our family. She is always smiling, and speaks with a very gentle voice. AP2 is more approachable and less abrupt. I think she'll be great, we just have to get her comfortable with us.

Today is AP2's first Halloween. She has never seen the spectacle of kids running from door to door for candy and dressing up. Yesterday she picked out her first pumpkin (with help from Cuppa) and this morning she was shocked that Buddy would go to school dressed as a skunk. Apparently Halloween isn't much of an event in France.

Tonight should be fun - or interesting. Or both.

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