Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Boomerang Lunch

It is amazing how quickly 'convience' snacks are made to be 'inconvenience snacks.'

Buddy's school has a program called the "Boomerang Lunch."  With a boomerang lunch, everything that the child does not consume during the day, gets returned to the lunch bag, and taken home for disposal.

The drink box half full?  yep.

The yogurt half eaten? yep.

It is no longer 'convenient' to purchase items pre-packaged... because the package cannot be closed again.

So instead, we trade the drink box for a re-sealable water bottle.

we trade the pudding cup for a box of pudding mix, made in re-sealable gladware.

Even the apple... gets sent in a tupperware, so that the core has a place to go afterwards, rather than bouncing around making a mess of the lunchbucket.

Does it require creativity, yes... but the result is, that we no longer find convenience in the pre-package, chemical-laden convenience foods that we used to, and instead, find that it is easier to pack a healthy snack in the mornings.

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