Thursday, 8 October 2009

Grocery shopping

So hypothetically speaking……

If one went grocery shopping, and found that the 10 lb bag of carrots could be bought for $2, but the 5 lb bag was $4

And one figured that even if they only used half the 10 lb bag, it was still a better deal….

But then when one went to put the 10 lb bag away, one found an unopened 5 lb bag already in the fridge….

How fast can a family of four eat 15 lbs of carrots????

(I think gremlins went shopping for me. I sure don’t remember buying that 5 lb bag!)


  1. LOL oh dear! does this mean you don't want carrots for supper when you visit next? Good thing about carrots tho is they last and last.
    Enjoy! kwgma


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