Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Vacation Stories - Little bits #2

Yeah I know, the vacation ended over a month ago, but I keeep meaning to write down these little side bits, and keep forgetting.

While we were in the hotel in Parry Sound, Buddy was going INSANE!

He was running all over the room, into the bathroom, back out, look out the window, back into the bathroom, etc.

Eventually, he slowed down, and I relaxed a little after a stressful day.

Then I went into the bathroom.

Where he was excitedly pulling EVERY.SINGLE.KLEENEX out of the box, and placing it EVER SO CAREFULLY in a nice, neat little pile on the floor.  One kleenex on top of the other.

The excitment when a new kleenex popped up.... wow.

I guess it's the little things, eh?

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