Friday, 2 October 2009

Little Gardener

My Buddy likes helping me in the garden.  he'll take the weeds htat I pull out, and place them in the wagon for me.

Every now & then, he'll decide that the wagon is full enough, and he'll grab the handle and start trotting off towards the compost pile (seriously).

But how do you tell an 18 month old the difference between a weed, and a plant??  "Oh, No!  not Mommy's TREE!!!  That's MOMMY's tree!!!  Mommy LIKES that one!"  As I'm 'pettting' the leaves on the poor Beauty Bush that he is trying to rip off one by one.

The neighbours must think I'm nuts.


  1. You can always make more beauty bushes. Propigation instructions:

    Looks like you take cuttings in early spring.

  2. That is so cute...Poor next year tho you'll have him taught tree vs weed and all the world will be wonderful!! He's a wonderful fellow...enjoy!


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