Monday, 5 October 2009

Trying to be like his Sister

Buddy wants desperately to be able to walk down the stairs facing forwards.

The daycare told me the other day that he spent a good part of his day stepping up the first step, turning around, and stepping down. He is practicing. (her gate is two steps up… enough to learn, not enough to get hurt).

At home, he fell down a few steps the other day, trying to come down facing forwards (Daddy caught him before he went too far).

And when I walk down with him, he holds my hand in one hand, and the railing with the other, and does an ok job. He isn't stepping both feet onto one step, and then taking the next one. Nope, this boy is stepping down with his feet alternating the steps, like an adult will. His little legs are barely long enough to reach that far!!


  1. That is sooooo cute!! I can just imagine all the thought that must be going thru his head. Good work Buddy!! Keep up the's hard to be the "little guy" in a house of people so much bigger (and more able) than you are. We love ya kwgma

  2. Hey, Sweet Pea tries that too. I make her hold both my hands though . . . she terrifies me with her dare devil antics.


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