Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Lets try toilet training...

An email I received from  my husband this morning.....

This morning = not good.

I shoulda never left the bathroom. It was fine until then.

Buddy's Diaper failed again. His sleeper and cuddle bag are in the hamper in his closet. He crapped his pants before the diaper failed, and had poop smeared down his leg. It was fun to squish between his toes.

Washed him up and got him dressed then couldn’t find his shoes, so he has boots on. Got his coat on and went to grab a coffee and something to eat. Couldn’t find a travel mug. Skip the coffee. No quick food in sight. I know we own more Nutrigrain bars than the Kellogs cereal company, but where do we hide them?? Running behind so had to go.

No keys. Check basement, upstairs, coat. Find keys in other other coat. 3rd other coat checked. Note to self: need fewer coats. Get in car take Thing 1 to school take Thing 2 to Sitters. Sitter says she has had pampers fail as well. Drive to office and take a straw poll. one co-worker has had Pampers’ tabs fail, but finds Huggies give more diaper rash and leak more. She prefers Pampers. Another co-worker uses whatever is on sale at some discount diaper warehouse. His wife changes the baby though so he doesn’t know what I’m talking about; he suggests duct tape as a solution. The guys are starting to look at me funny.

I dunno what to do. Is there a cure other than toilet training?


  1. Try a bigger size. Whenever the twins would leak through it meant they needed teh next size even though they weren't the weight on the side of the box.

    Second, boycott pampers. they are great for littler children but suck once they are this size.

    I LOVED Kirkland diapers. They are similar in shape and fit to huggies.

    I also used to use Teddy's choice from PC stores.

    Papmers are the ones that would explode every night and cover them with the gel beads so I had to vacuum the sleepers, the kids, the couch, the beds, and the floor.

  2. The problem is not leakage, it is that the tab (the right tab, to be precise) keeps breaking clean off.

    This is the only box of diapers that we've had this happen to. Other than this incident, I've found either pampers or Huggies to work equally as well.

    He dosen't normally leak, get rashes, or anything.

  3. And I should add, that we have contacted the company, but just yesterday, and so haven't heard back yet.

  4. you could always fold one of Chris's too-many coats into cloth diapers?

  5. Update: Pampers is sending compensation.

    Also adding, this is the first time we've had problems, and he's 18 mos, so I think it was just a bad box, not a bad brand.

  6. Heather, we thought about cloth diapers.... but in YR, diapers are green binable.... And the up front cost for cloth was huge.

    Since they weren't going to a landfill, I didn't feel guilty on an environmental level, and with both of us working, the time commitment to clean them all is huge.

    Also, the cost for a diaper service would be more per week than what we spend in disposables.


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