Thursday, 1 October 2009

Growing Up

We attend a very small Church.  It is a very nice, homey, comfortable place.  The only drawback is, there is no 'nursery rotation.'  If your child needs to go to the nursery, you get to go too.

There is a Sunday School, but Buddy is still a  little bit young for that.

Instead, usually during the Sermon, Prayers of the People, and Collection, Buddy & I sit in the narthex, which has speakers, so we can hear, and we can look through the doors & see, but he dosen't have to be quiet.

As I was sitting there last Sunday, one of the Sunday school teachers came in to drop off the Sunday School's collection.

"Buddy, do you want to come with me?" She says.

And the little guy took her hand and trotted off, happy as could be.  Apparently he had a grand old time with the Big Kids.

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