Thursday, 19 November 2009

A mind of his own.

Buddy has always enjoyed his food in the order of meat, potatoes, veggies. Unless the veggie that evening happened to be carrots, in which case carrots were preferred over potatoes.

However, these past few nights, the carrots have been cut into ROUNDS, not the STICKS that he is accustomed to.

Oh my goodness, the trauma.

Do you think that we could convince him that they are cooked the same way, they will taste the same, they are just CUT INTO DIFFERENT SHAPES!!


not at all.

We had to stuff a carrot in his mouth and hold his mouth shut to get him to even TRY A BITE DARNIT!.

But then... after the first bite, do you want to know what happened?? he cleaned his plate. Ate every single carrot that was on there.

So then, the next night, I cut the carrots into sticks instead of the rounds I had cut the night before.

And do you want to know what happend??


Those carrots, the ones that HAD TO BE IN STICKS MOM!! I DON'T LIKE THEM WHEN THEY'RE ROUND!! now... have to be round.

Again though, after force feeding him the first one, he cleaned his plate.

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  1. Kids are so silly sometimes, aren't they? I have force fed my boys bites of food more than once just to show them they would like it if they just tried it for heaven sakes!


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