Monday, 2 November 2009

Halloween recap

Chuck got her 'air cast' a few days before Halloween, and was pumped to go trick or treating.

So I got my little pirate & lion ready:

And bundled them into the car. We live in the middle of nowhere, so we go into town to go trick or treating every year. This year, we decided to go in the neighbourhood that Buddy's daycare is in. usually, we go back to our old neighbourhood in town.
When we parked, this was what was in my backseat:

That is one sleepy lion!!

Buddy had been hanging out with Daddy all day, and he missed naptime!!

We woke him up and Daddy took him to the first house. He had no idea what to do. Then they put treats in his bucket!! How exciting!! After that we didn't have to coax him as much... "come on now, go with Daddy.... follow your sister, where's Chuck going? can you go with her???"

He made all kinds of friends. In many houses, they'd give him a treat, he get excited, and then try to walk in the front door!!

After a block or so, my pirate was saying that her leg was getting sore, and my lion's eyes were rolling around a bit. Buddy called it quits at the house where they gave him his candy, and he promptly sat down on their porch. We had expected him to finish earlier than her though, so we had his stroller for him. The plan was that when he got tired, we'd put him in the stroller & push him, and when she got tired, we'd call it a night. She got tired a few houses after him, and that was it. There were stairs up to every house, so she was getting tired because of that more than anything.

When we got home, Mommy tried to check all the candy, but Buddy made it difficult!! Mommy dumped out the bucket... "Mom! what are you doing! That's where that belongs!!!!" As he tried to re-fill the bucket!!

I gave Chuck the bucket, and as I tossed the chips over to her (I sort while I check), he would put the chips in the bucket.

All candy got sorted and checked, and then I gave Buddy a little box of smarties "take these to your sister and she'll share them with you!"

He wanted NOTHING to do with them! he didn't know WHAT that purple thing that she was trying to put in his mouth was!! Mommy had to bite the smartie in half, and shove it in against his protestations! Once he tasted it though... "mo?!? Mo?!?"

He took a smartie to Mommy... and a smartie to Daddy... and a smartie to Chuck..... then he ate one... then he spat it out and tried to give it to Daddy.....Lucky Daddy!!

After that the kids filled their advent calendars, and went off to bed!

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  1. Enjoyable read . . . .and a record for posterity!!! There'll never be another Hallowe'en like this~


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