Sunday, 15 November 2009

A Series of Unfortunate Events

  1. At work Friday morning, another staff pokes her head around my cube wall... "You know first aid right?" That never bodes well as a conversation opener. One of the staff had fallen down the stairs, while on her way down to get a coffee, with her (empty) coffee cup in her hand. Coffee cup shattered and left surface scraps, but the goose egg looks bad. Send her off to the hospital with her husband. He phones later, she has a concussion. The girl who came to get me said afterwards - "I don't know sh1t. But I know you know sh1t. So I came to get you."
  2. Friday afternoon, we had a staff meeting, the result of which will be some staffing changes. None of it is my fault, and my role won't change. I still feel bad.
  3. Friday evening, Chuck calls to her Dad "can I toss this sheet of paper to you?" He replies yes, she does, she hits him in the eye. Essentially, he has a paper cut in the eye. He goes to bed hoping that rest will help. he's out, so Mama is taking care of the kids all night.
  4. Friday night, Buddy is so congested he can't sleep. He's up crying half the night. Daddy can't really help out, since he's out with his eye injury. Essentially, Buddy can't sleep, 'cause he's too congested to use his pacifier, and every time he coughs, he spits it out. I keep bringing him into our bed, but every time I do that, he decides that it's play time. Eventually, I leave the hallway light on, put toys in his crib, put him in the crib sitting up to play, and go to bed. I assume that he fell asleep at some point.
  5. Saturday morning at 5:45, the phone rings. I'm exhausted after being up all night. It's a wrong number. The phone wakes Buddy up.
  6. Saturday morning, hubby still can't open his eye, and it hurts to look at anything with his good eye. We call telehealth. There's an hour and a half wait to talk to a nurse. We're trying to avoid the emerg, since we don't want to pick anything up. Telehealth calls back, and they tell us to head to emerg. I drop the kids off at my parents, and head to the emerg in Georgetown. They give him antibiotics, and say he should be fine by Monday morning. I think I prefer the emerg in Parry Sound to the one in Georgetown.


  1. Thank you, now I feel informed.

    As for buddy, go to shoppers and get a vick's vaporizer if yo don't have one, saline nasal spray (you will have to sit on him, but my kids now will let me do it cause they know it helps) and vicks vapo rub. This is going to sound crazy, but put the rub on his back, chest and FEET (just try it feet only if you don't believe me- can't believe the diff it makes) put cotton socks over his feet.

    As for Chris, no more flying paper, and anytime you call telehealth, they will send you to the hospital. Its useless. Anytime an eye is involved and it doesn't get better within two hours, head to emerg, that was in our first aid training.

  2. i know that about the eyes... we just really, really didn' wantto wait in emerg with everyone who has the flu... as it was, there was one lady there with the H1N1. I was glad the kids were at Mom & Dad's


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