Friday, 6 November 2009


At this time every year, I feel a sense of relief that i can get my laundry for the week done in a couple of hours, instead of a couple of days.

The funny thing is, by spring, I'll feel that same sense of relief that I can FINALLY hang my laundry out to dry again, and don't have to use the dryer for several months.

I line dry from about March - mid October exclusively. The dryer MAY run once or twice in that time, if things HAVE to be dry NOW!

But generally, everything goes on the line. Even if it is pouring rain, my thought is that i am no further behind than I was when i took the things out of the washer, and the extra rinse can't hurt.

And, I love saving on the energy bill, and also that it is more environmentally friendly!!

The only problem is, in rainyt weeks, often by the time evrything is FINALLY dry & away, it's time to start over again!

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