Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Monday night I picked up Buddy from Daycare, raced home, ran into the house and hollered for Chuck to get her jacket & shoes on, and headed up to the local H1N1 clinic.

Last week, they were 'requesting' high risk people only, but they would vaccinate every one who came.

This week, apparently not. Only high risk. Since Buddy is under five, he's high risk, so he got his shot. But Chuck & I will have to go back NEXT Monday. ugh. Not that I thought we should get ours 'first,' I just didn't want to have to line up twice.

After seeing all the hype in Toronto over it, and hearing about five hour line ups, I was afraid that we would get to the clinic (in the next town, about 20 mins away), and find that they were full for the day, since it ran from noon- eight, and the earliest I could arrive was about five thirty.

We got there, they said that they would only stab Bud, we waited ten minutes (I didn't even have the form filled out all the way), he got stabbed, we waited the required fifteen minutes to be sure he didn't react, and went home. I think we spent more time driving to & from the clinic than we spent in the clinic.

It was awesome.

Next Monday, Chuck & I can go, and then in three weeks, Bud may need a booster shot (They're giving little guys two half doses, although now they're saying that they may only need the one half. So we'll have to see)

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