Friday, 17 August 2007

New Roof

A new roof was a definite priority for us. Mostly because we were missing shingles in some places, they were peeling in other places....

In short, we had 20 year shingles on a 20 year old house.

On the main roof, the shingles were missing, and on the garage roof, they were mostly peeling.

I arrived home on Monday night to find this in my driveway:

And by the time I got home Tuesday, the roof looked like this:

We used Cambridge 30 - year shingles.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

BBQ Building

Our old Barbeque was natural gas, but this neighbourhood does not have gas hookup. So we had to purchase a new BBQ.
And Build it:

Monday, 13 August 2007

Off to Camp

We interrupt the renovation posts for Cute Kid Pics!!

Little Raven loading her "stuff" into the van:
And carrying it all to the bus:

Yes, the backpack is taller than her. And yes, she insisted on carrying it all herself until we insisted that we help her, due to the fact that she was staggaring all over the parking lot under the weight of it all.

And waving goodbye:

A Whole Week of freedom!! Yippee!!

After Cleaning

You remember the pictures of Little Raven's room, the ones where you could draw on the dirt in the wall?

Well, my Mom and I washed all the walls in her room while she was away. We used hot water mixed with vinegar.

The results:

Hey, look at that!! A room that actually looks liveable!

Her room used to be two rooms, so the electrical set up in it is unique. For example, the light switch beside her door turns on the overhead light in half of her room. The light switch above her bed turns on the overhead light in the other half of her room. The wall to the left of her bed used to be the second door to the second room. You can see along the ceiling where the old wall was:

She is proud to say that she has Five Windows in her room, FIVE!! This is because it was once two rooms.

Tree Removal

We are now the proud owners of a small woodlot.

Unfortunately, this woodlot comes complete with lots of Poplars! In our last house, we had large poplars. They were so large, that they cost between $350 - $500 per tree to remove. Poplars grow quick, and they grow straight. The problem is, that they grow quick and straight, and then they die and fall.

So, in this house, we are removing the poplars before they get to the point where we need professionals to remove them.
Cutting the tree:

Disposing of the tree:

Friday, 10 August 2007

The Garbage

When the last owner moved out, he didn’t have time to leave the house as tidy as he would have liked to.

Daddy and Little Raven spent a morning getting all of the garbage out of the Garage, out of the basement, etc. This was what the pile looked like when they were done:
Then, our new neighbour dropped off a bin:

Which magically disappeared a few days later (after we filled it)

The 'Before' photos

So, here is the front of the house:

And the back:
Little Raven's Room:

(Note the dirt on the walls)

And overlooking the living room:

(excuse the mess, these were taken a few days after the move)

As you can see, we have a fair amount of work ahead of us.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Moving Day

Moving day was July 27, 2007, and what a day it was!!

The movers arrived on time.

The keys did not.

We finally got into the house, and it has been a flurry of unpacking and rearranging ever since!

There is lots of work to be done. To start with, we cleared all of the garbage out of the basement and garage. Everything is now in a HUGE pile in the frontyard (backyard? we still need to figure out which yard is which). We have also cleared one of the piles from the yard, where we hope to build a wood shed. We have received two quotes for a new roof (required by the insurance company).