Monday, 31 October 2011

Go Leafs Go

Buddy: 'it my leafs shirt.... Go Leafs GO
Daddy: Go Leafs go eh?
Buddy: Yup. Dat what Uncle Mike says.
Daddy: oh yeah?
Buddy: and Uncle Steve. He say dat too. Go Leafs Go, dat what Uncle Mike & Uncle Steve say

Dear Baby

Dear Baby Cuppa:
The dog's water dish is not a water play table.
Love, Mama

Sunday, 30 October 2011

365 - Oct 30

Quick!  Put soap & water on those rags!!

A new skill...

Dear Baby Cuppa:
Just because you CAN climb the stairs, doesn't mean that you need to show off this new skill Every.Time.Mommy.Turns.Around.
Love, Mama

Saturday, 22 October 2011

In Conversation....

At the breakfast table this morning:
Daddy "Buddy, you come here & be a drum, I can be AC/DC"
Buddy: "OK!! I be de E!"

Friday, 21 October 2011

365 - Oct 21

We're watching a movie.  He is enjoying it :-P


"Time to clean your room Buddy"
'You 'eed to he-p me Mommy'
"I wasn't playing.... you need to clean up your mess!!"
'No mommy..... I was being the Mommy, with baby Gordon, so you were playing, you 'eed to he-p me'


Stopped at the pumpkin farm & bought a pie pumpkin this morning, which Buddy insisted on carrying into the house.
"Careful with that pumkin, Mommy will turn it into a pie!"
"No Mommy!! Don' want you to do dat!! Want it to be a pun-kin!!"

Thursday, 20 October 2011

On Mornings, Part Two

Dear Baby Cuppa:
6:30 was an undesirable wake up time. However, 4:00 is even worse. At this point, I will happily return to the 6:30 wake up!
Love, Mama


At meet the creature last night, Daddy stuffed Buddy into a locker & said he was getting him ready for grade nine. Buddy jumped out, yelled 'boo!' And then said 'now put me in this one Daddy!!' Pointing to the next locker

365 - Oct 20

Afternoon snooze

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


My 8.5 month old just climbed a step. We are in so much trouble

Yes, you need to wear underpants

Under the heading of, things I never thought I would have to debate: "yes, you need to put your underpants on before you put your pants on. Take those pants off, put on your underpants, then put your pants back on. Yes, you need the underpants first"
 Followed By:
"No, you need to put the underpants on before the pants. Putting on your pants, then shoving the underpants down them doesn't count as putting underpants on"