Thursday, 27 March 2008


Well, after Tuesday's snowstorm, it warmed right up. By the time hubby got home Tuesday night around ten, he said that all the snow had stopped.

Yesterday was a nice mild +6 Celsius, and it was warm enough when I got home that there was no need to light the fire to warm up the house.

Today seems to be heading the same direction. As long as the sun is shinning, we shouldn't need a fire tonight either. Which is a very very good thing, for two reasons:

1) Our wood pile is getting very very small, and this is our main heat source
2) It is getting awfully difficult to bend down to light the fire now!!

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Dear Mother Nature

On behalf of all Southern Ontarians, I would like to apologize. I am not sure what we have done to offend you, but we have all felt your wrath this winter.

We have now received more snow so far than the last two winters combined, and have nearly broken the record of most snow in one winter that was set in the 1930's.

A little warm weather would be nice. Especially since my winter coat no longer does up.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

No Easter Bunny this year....

There's no tooth fairy either.

She is, after all, ten years old, and after Christmas we had a long discussion about the spirit of St. Nicholas versus Santa Clause.

So on Saturday night, as we're eating a (late) dinner after church, and she's dawdling through her meal, I advised her that she'd better hurry up, otherwise the Easter Bunny was going to bed, and Daddy didn't know where the Easter presents were.

So she finishes her meal and trots up to bed. I get the eggs out for Daddy and I to hide ('cause even though there's no Bunny, you can still have the hunt!!). And Daddy stands at the bottom of the stairs, lobbing the darn eggs up to the second floor, through her doorway, trying to hit her in her bed!!

(We can be a little unorthodox here....)

"Daddy!!! Daddy stop that!!! Hey, that one just hit me!! That's it, I'm hiding under my pillow now!!"

Happy late Easter everyone!!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

New Furniture

On Saturday we went for a drive to pick up our new Buffet for the dinning room:

It is solid wood, made by members of a Mennonite community.

To fit it in the van, we had to take out the seats on the right hand side. Driving home, the front passenger seat was pulled up as far forward as it could go, Hubby drove, I sat in the chair behind hubby, and Little Raven sat in the chair behind me. It made me very, very glad that I had insisted that the new van had to have 50/50 or 60/40 seats in the rear, as we would have had to take two vehicles otherwise, and it is a two hour drive!!

In renovation news, we have restored power to the upstairs bathroom, hallway, and our room. Little Raven still has to use a flashlight in the mornings though. At least it is still light out until later in the evenings now!

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

We have walls!

Walls are good. of course, to install walls, we had to remove the door. But having walls on all four sides of the bathroom is an improvement to having walls on two sides, and a door that is next to the open wall that someone could easily walk through:

Not only do we have walls, but we also have a WORKING TAP in the bathroom... no more running a hose from the basement up two flights of stairs to fill the tub.

It's a little primitive still, but at least I can adjust the temperature of the water while in the tub now:

We have not painted the room blue, that is just the colour of the bathroom drywall. Tonight I can start the mudding if I'm feeling up to it. I was home yesterday with Little Raven who was sick, and I can feel the start of a bit of a tickle in the back of my throat today... ugh.

Friday, 14 March 2008

A child's observations....

When we were re-doing Little Raven's room, mean and cruel parents that we are, we removed the phone jack, and pushed the wire into the wall, then papered over it. She is only ten now, and really, doesn't need a phone in her room.

As we're doing this, she was in in her room with us, and we were trying to be as discreet as possible. However:

LR: "Daddy, I'm not sure if you noticed..."
Daddy "Noticed what?"
LR "Well, when you put the magnetic paint on the walls, the magnets work right on the wallpaper too!!"
Daddy: "yeah I know, I put it there so that it would do that!" (quickly finishing covering the old phone jack).

It's funny what they'll notice.

Thursday, 13 March 2008


So when I picked Little Raven up from the daycare on Monday, she calming asked if we could drive up to another daycare in the other end of town.

Mama: "Why do you need to go there? You were there all day with the daycare, weren't you"
LR "You know that sweater that Stephen bought me, from Medicine Hat? when we were at the beach party, I took it off, and left it there."

So we drive up to the other daycare, and she looks in the lost and found, and she looks in the gym, and there is no pink Medicine Hat Tigers sweater to be found anywhere. And the tears begin.

She was so upset that she had lost this one sweater, which was a HUGE surprise, because this child will be an only child until her Dad's & my baby is born next month, (and she will still be her Mom's only child), and is an only grandchild to two sets of Grandparents, and was an only grandchild to the third set of grandparents until about a year and a half ago. She'll be eleven in the spring. In short, she's spoiled rotten.

Gifts come out of the woodwork, whether there is an occasion or not. And she knows that by the time her Christmas toys are boring, it will be her birthday anyway. We've tried cutting back on the "things" that she receives, but it was never effective.

We've tried teaching her responsibility, but that has never sunk in either. She has always known 'if I loose it / break it etc., someone will replace it.'

Maybe it's because we only see Stephen once a year, maybe because this sweater was from the west, and therefore we can't purchase one here, or maybe it's because she doesn't receive gifts from Stephen the way she receives things from other people, but this one darn sweater meant a lot to her.

She was also afraid to tell Stephen that she'd lost his gift to her, but she was trying to figure out how she was going to tell him. So she wasn't planning on not saying anything to him, and she didn't try to tell us that it had been stolen or anything else, she admitted what had happened. usually if she looses something, we tell her that we're disappointed, we may take away privileges, etc. for discipline. In this case, there was no need, she punished herself more than enough.

So, while I wanted to find the sweater, it WAS a good time to hope that SOME responsibility would sink in. So I did what I could to help her, but made it her job to do the work. She called the other daycare on Tuesday, and they still hadn't seen it. On Wednesday, they called back, and said that all the lost and found from the beach party had been sent to a third daycare. So she called there.

She was lucky, the third daycare had it!!

So we picked up her very pink Medicine Hat Tigers sweatshirt yesterday. She was so happy to see it that she hugged it, and then managed, in the car, to put it on over top of the sweatshirt she was already wearing, without removing her seat belt and with removing her jacket.

So Uncle Stevie, it looks like she really appreciated this Christmas gift!!

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

More Progress

Last night, hubby got the drain line installed. whoo hoo!!

Still no proper supply line though, as the taps can't be installed until the tile backsplash is installed, and we haven't even LOOKED at tiles yet, yet alone picked out a pattern or purchased any.

It makes filling the tub an interesting challenge. Hubby had a meeting last night, but said we could go ahead and use it, just hook up the garden hose to the laundry room taps to fill it. Ok fine. So I hooked the hose up to the cold water in the old laundry room, sent Little Raven upstairs to make sure that the water was going in the tub, and filled the tub slightly. Then switched the hose to the hot tap. Turned it on, annnnnd... nothing. huh. Oh wait, the shut off valve is still off. Then looked more carefully. The shut off valve on the cold tap was ABOVE the tap. On the hot tap it was BELOW the tap. So if I turn that valve on, water is going to go straight up those pipes to... the open end behind the brand new drywall. Right. Ok, I think I will wait until hubby gets home.

Hubby comes in, says no, I meant the NEW laundry room tap.... ohhhhhh.......

So we hook up the hose to the new tap, run it across the basement up through the hole in the floor to the old laundry room, up through the hole in the floor into the bathroom. Now one person has to stand downstairs (there's only one tap in the new laundry room, seeing as it has a proper faucet, unlike the old) and work the temperature knobs, while the other person stands upstairs and yells "More Hot!!" "Add some Cold!" down to them.

Ah the joys of a home renovation. I just think it's a good thing that we are all campers. I mean really, if we can rough it in the bush for a week, with the nearest civilization at least a days paddle out, we can definitely live like this in our own home!

Monday, 10 March 2008


It may not have a supply or a drain line yet, but at least it is in place.

Hubby informed me last night that if I really wanted to have a bath, he could run the hose from the old supply line, but then to drain it, someone would have to stand in the main floor hallway with a bucket, and the tub would have to drain into that, then be dumped.

I washed my hair in the kitchen sink, then went into the little bathroom to bathe. Then sent Little Raven to do the same. We could have used the laundry tub, but it's in the basement, and it's cold down there!!

Hopefully, we will have a drain line this evening.

Friday, 7 March 2008

And the Construction Continues….

Well, hubby has been busy all week this week. We now have no walls between the upstairs loo and the baby’s room. I mean nothing, not even framework.

The drywall has been ripped off of the remaining two bathroom walls. The only drywall left is behind the shower.

So last night I went to have a bath (showers are no longer an option, as the tub is open on three sides now, with nowhere to hang a shower curtain….). I never thought that I’d have to sweep the construction debris out of the tub and wash it out before use. Hubby kindly did most of the clean up work, put a bathmat down on the floor (did I mention that there are now no tiles? So the floor is bare floorboards, with bits of tile glue stuck on it?), and left the bathroom closing the door behind him.


The baby’s room has no door

The baby’s room is open to the bathroom

The bathtub is currently located smack between the door to the baby’s room, and the door to the bathroom.

Closing the bathroom door did not so much provide any privacy.

Thanks hun.

I feel like I am back in my University dorm… I have to get my little bag with soap and shampoo etc. to take into the bathroom, find my towels, find somewhere to hang them up (last night, the vacuum cleaner made for a handy stand), then carry it all back out with me at the end.

I leave you with pictures of our latest de-construction:

(Just) Before the walls & tiles were removed

Possibly a reason why we have needed to do the amount of renovation that we have

One wall missing

Bathroom window (left), and Baby’s window (right)
The last wall being removed

The only working bathtub or shower in our house

You can see the two doors, on the left, the Baby’s door, and on the right, the bathroom door.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

32 1/2 weeks

I feel huge. This photo was taken a couple of days ago, I am 33 weeks tomorrow.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

I Think I Have A Headache....

So Saturday, after finishing Little Raven's room, hubby is looking at the Baby's room and says "I wonder why that bump out is there. It just doesn't make sense. Maybe I'll take out the ceiling in the old laundry room to see what is up there..."

Uh Oh.

We moved the laundry to the basement when we first moved in, and the plans for the old laundry room are eventually a three piece bathroom. Notice the use of the word eventually. As in, not quite yet. Aye yi yi.

I should backtrack a little at this point to explain that the tiles in the old laundry room, kitchen, and each of the two bathrooms are all a different style, and were all poorly installed. Especially the old laundry room, where the grout had been smeared across the tiles, and looked like dirt, until one tried to clean it. It doesn't clean.

So, to take down the ceiling, he got a Great.Big.Mallet out of the garage. I'm talking huge. And proceeded to drop it on the laundry room floor. Oops. Like I be lived that THAT was an accident!!

So by the time we went to bed, there was no longer any tile on that floor. And by the time LR and I returned from church the next day, there was no ceiling, and two of the walls were missing. Also, in the Baby's room, one wall was missing. Again I say, Aye yi yi.

But Wait!! It Gets Better!!

By the time we went to bed that night, one of the bathroom walls upstairs was also gone!! the wall that backs onto the Baby's room that was taken down. The wall beside the toilet that backs onto the Baby's room. Did I meant ion that at the moment, there is not a door to the baby's room yet??

JUST so that I wouldn't be concerned about using the upstairs loo with no walls, on Monday night, when hubby got home, he removed the tile from the bathroom floor, and the sink from the bathroom, and the toilet.

We now have a working toilet on the main floor (Did I mention that I am pregnant?? and peeing three times a night??) and a working bathtub on the second floor. I stopped and bought lots of night lights on the way home from the office the other night.

So, here are pictures of the Baby's room, upstairs loo, and old laundry:

Baby's room. That is the back of the bathtub that you can see to the left of the photo. Where the black pipe is, is where the wall is open to the bathroom, and the toilet is just to the right of that.

Upstairs loo. The wall is missing on the right side of this picture.

This is the view sitting on the toilet. The square of light in the middle of the photo is the living room windows, as you can see into the baby's room, out into the hall since there's no door, and over the balcony, to outside. It's like camping, and having a site with a Thunderbox that has a great view...
The floor in the old Laundry room. The dirt that you can see on it is not dirt, it is grout. Yes, it really was that bad.

Hubby removing the old floor. I think that the MOL would have a problem with his choice of footwear.... lol

Laundry room ceiling. There are pipes everywhere. And most of them are unnecessary.

Laundry room walls, with more useless pipes.

Did I mention that this baby is due in EIGHT WEEKS!! I fear that this will not be done on time....

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Kid Room #1 - DONE

This weekend we (hubby) started of by priming the last wall, where the doors between the two bedrooms are:

After this coat of primer, we added a coat of black primer (no, she isn't in the black paint with purple polka dots stage. Yet), which is full of iron filings. This primer is really cool (also, really expensive), and makes the wall magnetic.

After that, we finished painting the blue:

And then hubby started installing the border and the wallpaper. We hang wallpaper and border backwards from the instructions, border first, then wallpaper. It works for us. This was the final result, before furniture:

And then on Sunday morning before church, we moved her in:

(you can see the papers attached to the wall by magnets in the picture above)

We still have to put trim up, and a closet door, and we are planning on hanging a fish net on the ceiling for her stuffed animals. Baseboards will eventually go up also, but we are planning on ripping out the carpets in the next couple of years, so not until the floors are redone. There are no baseboards in our house anywhere, and wasn't when we moved in, so why make this room any different?

According to hubby, this is the nicest looking boys room he's ever decorated. It is definitely a far cry from the pink fairies and butterflies that were in her last room. My child is definitely not a girly girl.

Tomorrow's post.... the progress that has not been made on kid room #2!!