Wednesday, 5 March 2008

I Think I Have A Headache....

So Saturday, after finishing Little Raven's room, hubby is looking at the Baby's room and says "I wonder why that bump out is there. It just doesn't make sense. Maybe I'll take out the ceiling in the old laundry room to see what is up there..."

Uh Oh.

We moved the laundry to the basement when we first moved in, and the plans for the old laundry room are eventually a three piece bathroom. Notice the use of the word eventually. As in, not quite yet. Aye yi yi.

I should backtrack a little at this point to explain that the tiles in the old laundry room, kitchen, and each of the two bathrooms are all a different style, and were all poorly installed. Especially the old laundry room, where the grout had been smeared across the tiles, and looked like dirt, until one tried to clean it. It doesn't clean.

So, to take down the ceiling, he got a Great.Big.Mallet out of the garage. I'm talking huge. And proceeded to drop it on the laundry room floor. Oops. Like I be lived that THAT was an accident!!

So by the time we went to bed, there was no longer any tile on that floor. And by the time LR and I returned from church the next day, there was no ceiling, and two of the walls were missing. Also, in the Baby's room, one wall was missing. Again I say, Aye yi yi.

But Wait!! It Gets Better!!

By the time we went to bed that night, one of the bathroom walls upstairs was also gone!! the wall that backs onto the Baby's room that was taken down. The wall beside the toilet that backs onto the Baby's room. Did I meant ion that at the moment, there is not a door to the baby's room yet??

JUST so that I wouldn't be concerned about using the upstairs loo with no walls, on Monday night, when hubby got home, he removed the tile from the bathroom floor, and the sink from the bathroom, and the toilet.

We now have a working toilet on the main floor (Did I mention that I am pregnant?? and peeing three times a night??) and a working bathtub on the second floor. I stopped and bought lots of night lights on the way home from the office the other night.

So, here are pictures of the Baby's room, upstairs loo, and old laundry:

Baby's room. That is the back of the bathtub that you can see to the left of the photo. Where the black pipe is, is where the wall is open to the bathroom, and the toilet is just to the right of that.

Upstairs loo. The wall is missing on the right side of this picture.

This is the view sitting on the toilet. The square of light in the middle of the photo is the living room windows, as you can see into the baby's room, out into the hall since there's no door, and over the balcony, to outside. It's like camping, and having a site with a Thunderbox that has a great view...
The floor in the old Laundry room. The dirt that you can see on it is not dirt, it is grout. Yes, it really was that bad.

Hubby removing the old floor. I think that the MOL would have a problem with his choice of footwear.... lol

Laundry room ceiling. There are pipes everywhere. And most of them are unnecessary.

Laundry room walls, with more useless pipes.

Did I mention that this baby is due in EIGHT WEEKS!! I fear that this will not be done on time....

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