Thursday, 20 March 2008

New Furniture

On Saturday we went for a drive to pick up our new Buffet for the dinning room:

It is solid wood, made by members of a Mennonite community.

To fit it in the van, we had to take out the seats on the right hand side. Driving home, the front passenger seat was pulled up as far forward as it could go, Hubby drove, I sat in the chair behind hubby, and Little Raven sat in the chair behind me. It made me very, very glad that I had insisted that the new van had to have 50/50 or 60/40 seats in the rear, as we would have had to take two vehicles otherwise, and it is a two hour drive!!

In renovation news, we have restored power to the upstairs bathroom, hallway, and our room. Little Raven still has to use a flashlight in the mornings though. At least it is still light out until later in the evenings now!

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