Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Backyard - An Update

Now that we have been in the Frosthaus for a couple summers, our changes are starting to take root. Its a slow process getting gardens to mature, especially when you remove everything and start from scratch. Even moreso when your spring has been chock-a-block with activities that prevent you from getting out and maintaining the gardens.

In any case, lets look back before we look ahead.

This picture was taken shortly before we moved into the house in 2012:

The backyard is struggling to grow grass, the wooden retaining wall is rotten and failing, and, well, its a sad place. 

Last year we spent a pile of time on landscaping and put in new retaining walls, pool deck, pool liner, coping, gardens, a playground for kids, and fence posts. We never got around to the fence. Its still on my to-do list.

So far this spring we haven't done much at all back there. We did spread some grass seed, and we may make the odd tour to weed gardens, but as things take hold, the gardens are starting to perform as intended. That makes me happy. In a couple more years we should see the gaps fill in. In the pics below, I just pointed and shooted. It was lunch and I had no time to tidy up back there. Also our pool steps have caused me much greif this spring, so they are still lyin gon the deck beside the pool. They have moved since the last photo though.