Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Mama, I don't wanna be a frog!!

This costume? Is the one he wore last year. This costume? is sized 2 - 4 (huge on him last year) This costume? Is so tight in the crotch, that my size 12 - 18 month old can't walk it in.

So much for buying a too big costume last year to re-use this year.

Instead, he's going to be a lion.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Air cast

Chuckles received an "air cast" yesterday. Remember the 'Nike Pumps' from sometime in the nineties? it's similar to that.

She's allowed to take it off for baths & sleeping, but still needs to use crutches to walk.

So she has a bit more freedom, but stil can't put weight on it.

Next appointment, six weeks. HOPEFULLY that's where she looses it ALL and can walk again!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Let's Hope...

That this week the doctor has good news for us.

Chuck goes in to get her leg looked at on Thursday. If it's healing well, she *may* get a walking cast.

If she gets a walking cast, she can go trick or treating.

To a 12 year old, that is EXCITING STUFF!!!

She is planning on going out as a pirate with a peg leg. She already has the limp down I guess!!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Deck & Daddy's helper

We now have stairs and railings all the way around!!

We still need a railing for the stairs, and to bolt the stairs in a bit better.

The board on top of the railing is a 2 x 6, so that it is wide enough to set a drink on.

Buddy enjoyed being outside watching Daddy work!! (Mommy took a nap!  Lucky Mommy!)

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Poor Lonely Iris

The fenders are totally so the she dosen't hit all the OTHER boats parked in the backyard.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Pathfinder Enrollment

Wasn't it just yesterday that we attended her Spark enrollment?

When she was in Sparks, I was a Pathfinder leader

When she was in Brownies, I enrolled her

When she was in Guides, I enrolled her

Now she's in Pathfinders, and I'm still a Guide leader

And the other night, she asked how come I didn't go to Pathfinders with her.

Thursday, 22 October 2009


This year marks the hundredth year of Guiding in Canada. Obviously, a very important milestone.

Last night, girls and their leaders form all over Ontario gathered together to hold a campfire & sing songs. There were several locations throughout the province, so no one had to travel more than a half hour or so to get to a gathering spot.

The girls at all of the campfires used the same song list, so across the province, everyone was singing together. Interspersed in between the songs were facts of Guiding history throughout the years. It was very well done, and the facts were relevant, yet each one short enough that they didn't loose interest.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Vacation Stories - Little bits #2

Yeah I know, the vacation ended over a month ago, but I keeep meaning to write down these little side bits, and keep forgetting.

While we were in the hotel in Parry Sound, Buddy was going INSANE!

He was running all over the room, into the bathroom, back out, look out the window, back into the bathroom, etc.

Eventually, he slowed down, and I relaxed a little after a stressful day.

Then I went into the bathroom.

Where he was excitedly pulling EVERY.SINGLE.KLEENEX out of the box, and placing it EVER SO CAREFULLY in a nice, neat little pile on the floor.  One kleenex on top of the other.

The excitment when a new kleenex popped up.... wow.

I guess it's the little things, eh?

Friday, 16 October 2009

Oh Birdies, Where are You?

Last weekend Hubby filled the bird feeder, and then set a chair by the kitchen window for Buddy to stand on and look out at the birds (or Buh!) as he says.

Then taught him to call the birds.

Which he does, by just calling youuuu!!  youuuuuu!

While Chuck was trying to wash the dishes, he was trying to push her out of the way, cast and all, so that he could look out the window at the birdies.  Daddy moved the bird feeder for him, so that he can see it out the sliding glass door, and from his highchair.

When I picked him up from daycare yesterday, the care provider said to me "when I put him in his highchair, he keeps calling out 'you!', and I don't know what he's trying to say!!"

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Lets try toilet training...

An email I received from  my husband this morning.....

This morning = not good.

I shoulda never left the bathroom. It was fine until then.

Buddy's Diaper failed again. His sleeper and cuddle bag are in the hamper in his closet. He crapped his pants before the diaper failed, and had poop smeared down his leg. It was fun to squish between his toes.

Washed him up and got him dressed then couldn’t find his shoes, so he has boots on. Got his coat on and went to grab a coffee and something to eat. Couldn’t find a travel mug. Skip the coffee. No quick food in sight. I know we own more Nutrigrain bars than the Kellogs cereal company, but where do we hide them?? Running behind so had to go.

No keys. Check basement, upstairs, coat. Find keys in other other coat. 3rd other coat checked. Note to self: need fewer coats. Get in car take Thing 1 to school take Thing 2 to Sitters. Sitter says she has had pampers fail as well. Drive to office and take a straw poll. one co-worker has had Pampers’ tabs fail, but finds Huggies give more diaper rash and leak more. She prefers Pampers. Another co-worker uses whatever is on sale at some discount diaper warehouse. His wife changes the baby though so he doesn’t know what I’m talking about; he suggests duct tape as a solution. The guys are starting to look at me funny.

I dunno what to do. Is there a cure other than toilet training?

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Grocery shopping

So hypothetically speaking……

If one went grocery shopping, and found that the 10 lb bag of carrots could be bought for $2, but the 5 lb bag was $4

And one figured that even if they only used half the 10 lb bag, it was still a better deal….

But then when one went to put the 10 lb bag away, one found an unopened 5 lb bag already in the fridge….

How fast can a family of four eat 15 lbs of carrots????

(I think gremlins went shopping for me. I sure don’t remember buying that 5 lb bag!)

Monday, 5 October 2009

Trying to be like his Sister

Buddy wants desperately to be able to walk down the stairs facing forwards.

The daycare told me the other day that he spent a good part of his day stepping up the first step, turning around, and stepping down. He is practicing. (her gate is two steps up… enough to learn, not enough to get hurt).

At home, he fell down a few steps the other day, trying to come down facing forwards (Daddy caught him before he went too far).

And when I walk down with him, he holds my hand in one hand, and the railing with the other, and does an ok job. He isn't stepping both feet onto one step, and then taking the next one. Nope, this boy is stepping down with his feet alternating the steps, like an adult will. His little legs are barely long enough to reach that far!!

Friday, 2 October 2009

Little Gardener

My Buddy likes helping me in the garden.  he'll take the weeds htat I pull out, and place them in the wagon for me.

Every now & then, he'll decide that the wagon is full enough, and he'll grab the handle and start trotting off towards the compost pile (seriously).

But how do you tell an 18 month old the difference between a weed, and a plant??  "Oh, No!  not Mommy's TREE!!!  That's MOMMY's tree!!!  Mommy LIKES that one!"  As I'm 'pettting' the leaves on the poor Beauty Bush that he is trying to rip off one by one.

The neighbours must think I'm nuts.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Growing Up

We attend a very small Church.  It is a very nice, homey, comfortable place.  The only drawback is, there is no 'nursery rotation.'  If your child needs to go to the nursery, you get to go too.

There is a Sunday School, but Buddy is still a  little bit young for that.

Instead, usually during the Sermon, Prayers of the People, and Collection, Buddy & I sit in the narthex, which has speakers, so we can hear, and we can look through the doors & see, but he dosen't have to be quiet.

As I was sitting there last Sunday, one of the Sunday school teachers came in to drop off the Sunday School's collection.

"Buddy, do you want to come with me?" She says.

And the little guy took her hand and trotted off, happy as could be.  Apparently he had a grand old time with the Big Kids.