Thursday, 7 February 2013

These two...

Just cannot get enough of each other these days...

I am loving the brother-love :)

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Elmo Cake!

For Cuppa's second birthday party I made him his very own Elmo cake.  Cuppa loves his Elmo... he's his bedtime snuggler.

1)  Bake a cake in a pyrex bowl.  Bake another cake in two pie plates (the circumference needs to be greater than the pyrex bowl)

2) Stack the two cakes together, with the bowl-baked cake upside down on top.

3) Frost.  I used buttercream icing with Wilton no-taste icing dye to give it the red colour.  Regular food colouring will be more pink than red, and will taste funny in the quantities required.

4) Using a wilton #3 tip, I drew lines in the red from bottom to top, giving Elmo the 'muppet' hair look.

5) Add eyes and noes.  I used wilton's ready to use dye tubes in black and orange.  The white was reserved from the rest of the buttercream icing.  For the small quantity of black and orange needed, I didn't bother tinting the icing I had made.

To supplement the chocolate cake, I made a quick batch of cupcakes as well... these took far less time, and were actually a bigger hit!  Continuing with the #3 tip, I drew a circle from the centre out in the red.  Added Wilton eyes, and an orange teeny-beeny jellybean for the nose.  The mouth was drawn on in the Wilton ready icing.
Cuppa saw the cake and said 'Mo-Mo!  It's my Mo-mo.  My Mo-mo cake!"
He was happy with the end result :)