Thursday, 27 November 2008


Buddy Boy And his "little" cousin, Little Miss Sweet Pea. Little Miss Sweet Pea is three months younger. Can you tell that BB is on the low end of the weight/size percentile spectrum, and Little Miss Sweet Pea is on the high end? She's totally going to be the boss when they get older!!
And Little Raven with Little Miss Sweet Pea. No worries about Miss Sweet Pea catching up to her!!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

In Conversation

With LR, her friend, and her friend's Mom:

Fr. Mom: "so, we should get going, you guys have a test tomorrow"
Mama: "pardon?"
LR: "Um, I forgot to tell you.... we have two tests this week, one of them is tomorrow."
Mama: "And where's your book for tomorrow's test?"
LR: "In my locker."

Of Course.  Because where else would it be?? 

Monday, 17 November 2008

10 Days

10 Days old, and four days before his due date, enjoying tummy time (how rare!). This is the "Tummy-time quilt" curtesy of Gretchen at Lazy Mama Designs.

Friday, 7 November 2008


Did you know that you cannot levitate Rice Krispies by staring at them and opening your mouth?

The buddy boy is just discovering that. "What? I open my mouth, spoon goes in... open my mouth, n1pple goes in... what do you mean I have to do some work here!!"

He has discovered that if he licks his hands, and then presses them into the crumbled up arrowroot cookie, that the cookie will stick, and he can lick it off. Or else, he can be a hoover, lean down really close to the tray, and try to kind of suck the food up.

We obviously need to work on the pincer grip a little bit.

Even if he gets the food into the mouth, he can't get it far enough back on his tongue anyway, so I clean it all out of the folds in his baby neck after, lol!!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Six months

Uncle Stevie came to visit from out west. Oh, did we mention that we "forgot" to tell Grandma & Grandpa that he was coming? "Hi Mom, I'm here for dinner... brought someone with me, hope you don't mind!!!"

They were a smidge surprised, to say the least.

The toy that Buddy boy is holding is a hand me down from his second cousins, and one of his favourites, and the beautiful sweater that he is wearing was hand knit by my sister-in-law. You can't see the detail on it in the photo, but it is gorgeous.