Tuesday, 25 March 2008

No Easter Bunny this year....

There's no tooth fairy either.

She is, after all, ten years old, and after Christmas we had a long discussion about the spirit of St. Nicholas versus Santa Clause.

So on Saturday night, as we're eating a (late) dinner after church, and she's dawdling through her meal, I advised her that she'd better hurry up, otherwise the Easter Bunny was going to bed, and Daddy didn't know where the Easter presents were.

So she finishes her meal and trots up to bed. I get the eggs out for Daddy and I to hide ('cause even though there's no Bunny, you can still have the hunt!!). And Daddy stands at the bottom of the stairs, lobbing the darn eggs up to the second floor, through her doorway, trying to hit her in her bed!!

(We can be a little unorthodox here....)

"Daddy!!! Daddy stop that!!! Hey, that one just hit me!! That's it, I'm hiding under my pillow now!!"

Happy late Easter everyone!!

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  1. LMAO! Too funny!! My ten year old still claims to believe in the stuff. I don't believe him...I think he's just trying to milk it *lol* AT least at 10 I don't think she SHOULD believe. The girls may never knwo of the easter bunny...we'll probably present it different. It all depends. But there IS a Santa Clause...isn't there?


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