Friday, 7 March 2008

And the Construction Continues….

Well, hubby has been busy all week this week. We now have no walls between the upstairs loo and the baby’s room. I mean nothing, not even framework.

The drywall has been ripped off of the remaining two bathroom walls. The only drywall left is behind the shower.

So last night I went to have a bath (showers are no longer an option, as the tub is open on three sides now, with nowhere to hang a shower curtain….). I never thought that I’d have to sweep the construction debris out of the tub and wash it out before use. Hubby kindly did most of the clean up work, put a bathmat down on the floor (did I mention that there are now no tiles? So the floor is bare floorboards, with bits of tile glue stuck on it?), and left the bathroom closing the door behind him.


The baby’s room has no door

The baby’s room is open to the bathroom

The bathtub is currently located smack between the door to the baby’s room, and the door to the bathroom.

Closing the bathroom door did not so much provide any privacy.

Thanks hun.

I feel like I am back in my University dorm… I have to get my little bag with soap and shampoo etc. to take into the bathroom, find my towels, find somewhere to hang them up (last night, the vacuum cleaner made for a handy stand), then carry it all back out with me at the end.

I leave you with pictures of our latest de-construction:

(Just) Before the walls & tiles were removed

Possibly a reason why we have needed to do the amount of renovation that we have

One wall missing

Bathroom window (left), and Baby’s window (right)
The last wall being removed

The only working bathtub or shower in our house

You can see the two doors, on the left, the Baby’s door, and on the right, the bathroom door.

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  1. That's where you had to take a bath?? LOL. Kinda like taking a bath in the middle of nowhere eh??


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