Tuesday, 11 March 2008

More Progress

Last night, hubby got the drain line installed. whoo hoo!!

Still no proper supply line though, as the taps can't be installed until the tile backsplash is installed, and we haven't even LOOKED at tiles yet, yet alone picked out a pattern or purchased any.

It makes filling the tub an interesting challenge. Hubby had a meeting last night, but said we could go ahead and use it, just hook up the garden hose to the laundry room taps to fill it. Ok fine. So I hooked the hose up to the cold water in the old laundry room, sent Little Raven upstairs to make sure that the water was going in the tub, and filled the tub slightly. Then switched the hose to the hot tap. Turned it on, annnnnd... nothing. huh. Oh wait, the shut off valve is still off. Then looked more carefully. The shut off valve on the cold tap was ABOVE the tap. On the hot tap it was BELOW the tap. So if I turn that valve on, water is going to go straight up those pipes to... the open end behind the brand new drywall. Right. Ok, I think I will wait until hubby gets home.

Hubby comes in, says no, I meant the NEW laundry room tap.... ohhhhhh.......

So we hook up the hose to the new tap, run it across the basement up through the hole in the floor to the old laundry room, up through the hole in the floor into the bathroom. Now one person has to stand downstairs (there's only one tap in the new laundry room, seeing as it has a proper faucet, unlike the old) and work the temperature knobs, while the other person stands upstairs and yells "More Hot!!" "Add some Cold!" down to them.

Ah the joys of a home renovation. I just think it's a good thing that we are all campers. I mean really, if we can rough it in the bush for a week, with the nearest civilization at least a days paddle out, we can definitely live like this in our own home!

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