Tuesday, 18 September 2007

New Garden - Part One

Most of our front yard is sand. This limits us to cactus that will survive in zone 4. There are not many cactus' that will survive in those conditions.

So, we (By we, I of course mean hubby) excavated about a foot down where our new garden is going. We lined the hole with cardboard, to attempt to trap some moisture, and then re-filled with triple mix.

This was the end result:

I know, it is still pretty bare. Since this picture was taken, we have planted two black currant bushes that I started from cuttings, and I have several more plants placed in the garden in their pots still, waiting to go into the ground.


  1. waiting for "New Garden - Part two" I think you should just put that soccer field in ;)

  2. Soccer field... right now, it seems to have been turned into a snowmobile trail :(


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