Tuesday, 2 March 2010

52 New Recipes - Chicken something or another

I cooked a whole chicken for Saturday, since I was expecting company, but the weather turned nasty, and they weren't able to make it.

So I had most of a chicken left over. All we ate on Saturday was the legs.

So I put a couple of inches of water in the dutch oven.

Poured in some frozen beans.

Pulled the chicken breast and any remaining meat off the bone and tossed it in, in large chunks.


Thought it looked a little too liquid, so added rice

Put on a pot of potatoes, with the thought of making a Sheppard's-pie like creation.

Took another look, and decided that maybe the potatoes were no longer needed, so they became a side dish. The chicken was pretty much shredded by this point.

It was very good with bbq sauce.... kinda like a chicken stew or something!

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  1. All your new recipe ideas sound wonderful....so does the idea of sitting down with you and having a chicken dinner. I hope all is well and you enjoyed your day regardless. kwgma


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