Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Work Night.

Tonight I head up to the boat after a little yard work. It isn't scheduled to be a fun night on board though.

I really need to scrub the decks. At the marina where the keel repairs were done, they left the boat parked under the eaves of a building with a barn swallow problem. There are a lot of stains to be worked out. I have ammonia and other cleaners on board, I hope that at least one of them works. Then I have non-skid cleaner to hit the non-skid with after that.

Inside the boat, I have to go through all the cubbies and drawers and remove the extra stuff in them. For the winter we just pulled all the drawers out and stored them in the basement. Full. That means I have about 4 spatulas, a dozen spice jars with a variety of spices, 8 sets of tongs, and who-knows-what-else stuffed into the galley drawers. Most of the rest of the boat is cleaned out. I mean, sure, I have the A-Frame for raising the mast, and all the tools for rigging her still aboard, and 2 full sets of sails, a billion life jackets and too many fenders, a spare fuel tank, and a dozen rotted docklines, but I think that's all reasonable. Or not.

I wonder how much of this "stuff" I can fit into the Volvo.

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