Thursday, 14 August 2014

Chuck Heads to Camp

Chuck is getting big. I mean next year she is legally an adult, so thats sortof a big deal. Right now she's still a kid though, and kids get to go to Summer Camp. Chuck has gone to a lot of summer camps in the past. As a girl guide, as a friend, as a lot of things. This year, she went as a cadet.

To be honest, she comes home in, like, 2 days, so she's been gone for a while. I've just been lazy about blogging.

Anyways, here are the Chuck heads to Cadet Camp photos. She comes home soon. I'm looking forward to her being back (and I'm a little jealous that she got to go to camp without me)

As you can see in the picture above, we drove her to the bus in our super-awesome Mercedes Diesel. It is super awesome. This picture is mostly about the car.

This pic is Chuck squinting because I turned around so the sun would be at my back. That meant she had to squint. 

Not long after we took those pics, the officers and the bus, and a bunch of other kids arrived. Then it was time to throw the bags on the bus, and check everyone's paperwork.

After that it was a big hug from a little brother...

And another hug from another brother...

And then she boarded the bus, and with a wave...

She was gone. Bye Chuckles... we can't wait for you to come home! We've missed you!

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  1. Hope she had a great time! I only have one who's interested in camp at all, and he's the second youngest. Maybe next summer for him...


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