Thursday, 11 February 2010

On Toilet Training.....

Buddy will be two in April.

He is not ready for 'active' toilet training yet.

However, he is starting to show signs of getting ready to be ready.

On the weekend, his diaper was bothering him.... and he looked at me expectantly, while grabbing his rear, saying "bum? bum?" Asking for a bum change... definitely a good sign.

He loves to stand over the toilet while it's flushing, and wave and yell "bye bye! bye bye!" to the contents.

He'll sit on the toilet for short periods, and once last week, nearly gave himself a swirly trying to climb on.

At daycare, there's a teddy that he really likes... a few times when I've been picking him up, he's decided that Teddy needs a bum change, and grabs him, takes him over to the changing station, puts him down, and then reaches up to where the cubby's are, looking at myself and his care provider, like "how come you aren't changing his bum? He needs a bum!"

Oh, and he swiped a diaper out of the diaper bag, and attempted to put it on Carlton bear the other day.

Also, let's not forget when I walked past the upstairs bathroom, to find that he had put his trainer seat on the toilet, and was in the process of putting "baby" (his dolly), on the seat. Poor Baby didn't have a big enough bum though, and his toes nearly hit the water!!

So right now, when we change him, we'll ask if he needs to pee in the toilet, and set him on it for a few minutes. He's yet to actually DO anything, but at least he isn't scared of it. And this way, when he really is ready, it'll be something that he's been doing for awhile.

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