Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Wow, I feel productive...

On Sunday, I changed all of the light switches in the house.

When we moved in, the house was a hodge podge of:

-white 'decorative' (square) light switches & outlets
-white regular light switches & outlets
-beige regular light switches & outlets.

And they were all... icky. like, to plug anything is was a challenge, 'cause there was gunk built up inside the outlets, and you couldn't really get a plug in very well.

And some of them were painted over, some had paint to the edges.....

And, sometimes they had a white switch with a beige plate... or vice versa

As we've been painting, we've swapped them for plain white switches & outlets. Since we'd already done the kids rooms & bathroom, upstairs, our room was the only one left. so I switched all the outlets Saturday night, and then Sunday after church, switched the light switches.

Then realized, that I already had the breaker off for the two light switches in the hallway, so I did them.

Then realized, I already had the breaker off for the switch at the bottom of the stairs, so I did it.

Then, since I had the tools out, did the one in the living room.

Then, since there was the three in the hallway right nest door, did them.

THEN, since there was only the kitchen & the outside light left to do in the dining / living / kitchen (all connected), I did them.

THEN realized, that If I did the hallway to the computer room, the computer room, and the little bathroom, the whole downstairs would be done.

so, for outlets, I have left:
- four in the computer room
- one in the hallway to the computer room
- one GFI in the bathroom
- Two regular in the kitchen
- Two split circuits in the kitchen
- one in the front entrance.

For light switches, there are two in a utility area, which I wasn't going to worry about, but I have two switches left over, so I'll probably do them, just cause I already have the stuff.

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