Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Mighty Tiny Chicken Ranch - Part Two

Yes, we have chickens.

Ten little chickie's, about a week old.

The breed is "Chantecler" which was bred in Quebec, to withstand our Canadian winters... these chickens are less likely to get frostbite.

Right now, their 'brooder' is Buddy's Mr. Turtle pool. At first we had them just in the pool, but they were jumping so high, we had visions of finding frozen chicks in the mornings. They are so tiny, they need to be kept at 90 F, and, our basement is cold. If they jumped out of the pool, where the heat lamp is, they wouldn't be able to get back in, and we'd find little 'chicksicles' the next day.

Hubby added wire to the inside of the pool, and then since there was still a draft, hung old towels around the outside. They seem to be very happy in there.

We are building a 'chicken tractor' for them for once they are big enough to move outside. The chicken tractor can be moved around, so that they can peck & scratch in different places. Also, we can move them to where we have grub infestations. Which at the moment, is pretty much the whole lawn.

You know that kids song, about the one little duck with the feather on his back? Well, we definitely have some lead chicks..... the one little chick with the feather on his back, he lead the others with his 'peep peep peep.'

Chuckles & Buddy went with Daddy to get the chicks. Chuck held their box on her lap the whole way home. Daddy caught her singing to them a few times.

Anytime Daddy takes Bud down to visit, he spends the whole time calling for me. "Mooooom.....mmmmmmooooooooommmmmmm....." It's like he's saying "Mom, do you know what Dad has down here?!?!?"

The hens are supposed to lay about 200 eggs per year each, and they are supposed to continue laying throughout the winter.

This works nicely into our plan of purchasing food as locally as possible.

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