Saturday, 24 April 2010

The Mighty Tiny Chicken Ranch

Ten little Chicks, snuggled into their new home.
(Chickens..... they poop. A lot)

View of the "Brooder" from above.

You can see the wire we used so that there was no danger of them jumping out.

They are currently living in Buddy's Mr. Turtle Pool. As long as the boy doesn't get any ideas about going for a swim with them, this should work out.

(I have visions of going downstairs and finding him filling the pool with a hose)

The towels are because it is quite cool down in the basement, and we could feel a draft near their home.

Daddy with one of his 'chicks'

(I think it's funny that, on Friday night, my husband "went and picked up ten chicks." I can really have some fun with this one.)

The chicks right after they arrived home, before we put up the wire & towels.

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