Thursday, 6 May 2010

Buddy's 2nd Birthday

two weekends ago, we all got together to celebrate Buddy's birthday ( a couple of weeks late, due to Easter and other commitments).

Since we have our entire front entrance and main floor bathroom ripped out, we moved the celebration to Grandma & Grandpa's house (collectively known by Buddy as "Baba," or sometimes just Ba! Ba! BaBaBa! He hasn't seemed to figure out the difference in pronunciation yet.)

Buddy wearing birthday hats with his Uncles. Buddy was not so very interested. He had to be coerced. I hear that there may have been cake? We'll give you cake if you wear a hat Buddy!

You don't want to wear a hat? That's ok, we'll just wear them then.

(this photo was snapped a few seconds after me saying "you boys know that this one is going on the blog, right?)

Uncle Stevie's Cowboy Hat

Presents? There are presents, for me?

Wow, look at that tractor!!

Buddy got lots of tractors. he likes tractors. they are his favorite.

And a lawnmower, which he proudly points to as 'his' lawnmower.

"Daddy's Tractor.......Buddy's Tractor"

More presents?

Books.... "Mommy, book? book? book Mommy?"

Play table from Mommy & Daddy, with Candy Land & Snakes & Ladders

Playing tractors with my uncles.

cake? There is cake!! I KNEW there'd be a cake Mommy!

Finally, I get to eat the cake!

Mommy baked the cake Thursday night. Buddy helped lick the spatula. And check to see if it was done. Every time the timer went off to go check it, he'd take off running for the kitchen.

Even when we were in the backyard.

Then, Friday morning, he came downstairs for breakfast.... and there was CAKE on the table. And the poor little guy just couldn't figure out why he wasn't allowed to eat any!!

Then Friday night, I iced it... and Saturday morning, Buddy got up, and went downstairs on his own... all of a sudden I heard cake! CAKE! I ran so fast down those stairs. I had visions of him pulling the whole thing down on himself. When he actually got to eat it... he was excited!!

He tried to blow his own candles out, but Mommy got a little nervous at how close his hair was coming to the flame. She blew them out quick while he was trying!

"Buddy, show me your paws"

yum yum yum.

Poor Uncle Steve... there was no room for him at the inn. He had to hobo it down the road to crash at his friend's place for the night!

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  1. Awww! Happy birthday Buddy! Looks like the very best kind of celebration!

  2. Looks like he really LOVED his cake (cute backstory on the cake too.)

    I just LOVE that his uncles seem to be so involved with him. Very heartwarming to see :)

  3. I LOVE cake pictures! Looks like you all had a great time!

  4. Definitely looks like a fun birthday celebration! Happy birthday, Buddy!


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