Sunday, 2 May 2010

Raised Garden Beds

Buddy helping Daddy dig out the beds. We've used pressure treated boards to make the boxes.

"Buddy look, a bug!! You should take it and squish it!"

Mommy raking, after putting cardboard on the bottom. The cardboard helps prevent weeds from coming up through the bottom.

End of the day. Two beds in, one to go (the far one, that still has the supports sticking up. That's what holds the bed in place.)

Since then, we've flipped the last bed and sunk it in its spot, and today, added the topsoil. We can't plant until the May long weekend, which gives us time to watch for weeds, and either round up if necessary, or just weed it if there's not much.

Remember all those tomatoes & peppers that were in the windowsill?? This is their ultimate destination.

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