Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Almost a year ago....

So, the other day, Chuckles says to me:

"Guess what I figured out today??"

Mama "What"

Chuckles " I discovered that I'm left handed."

Pause.... while Mama is thinking "You know what, just don't ask. Just don't go there... just smile and say ok cool....."

Mama "Um, how have you discovered this, Chuckles?"

Chuckles "Cause when I write, I use this hand (holding up right hand)"

Mama "That, um, would be your right hand, Chuckles"

Chuckles "But I thought I broke my left leg?"

Mama "You did."

Chuckles "But if this is my right hand, how come this is my left leg?" (pointing to right leg)

Mama "That would be your right leg, Chuckles"

Chuckles "really? I thought that was the one I broke?"

Mama "um, no..... it was the other one."

It was one year ago on Aug 21 that she broke the leg..... It would appear that she has no lasting effects, seeing as, well, she can't remember which of the two legs it was that she broke."

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